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What Is Estate Planning?

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Transitioning a business from one generation to the next
A big part of retirement planning is understanding how your income will be taxed in retirement and whether or not your arrangements need changing.

Factors such as retiring with adequate assets, Centrelink, and taxation consequences, including capital gains tax and stamp duty, need to be considered. At Christies Accountants & Advisors, we have clients that the firm has assisted over several generations giving us the knowledge to assist you when you need it the most.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning doesn’t need to be complicated, in simple terms this is just the process of determining how your assets and liabilities will be managed when you are no longer here. Elements such as business succession, asset protection and division and tax responsibilities are all part of the picture.

The professionals at Christies Accountants & Advisors can assist you with the entire estate planning process together with your solicitor.

We can help you establish a plan for your estate that gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing all your financial interests have been taken care of, for the present and the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to consider tax when estate planning?

There are very specific rules around tax on inheritances and assets transferred to beneficiaries as part of estate division. There are a lot of ongoing taxation matters that need to be considered when formulating a plan.

Is superannuation part of estate planning?

Superannuation can be a significantly valuable asset and needs to be carefully considered. To confuse things, sometimes superannuation forms part of your estate and sometimes it doesn't!

Can I adjust my estate plan at any point?

Yes, you can review and make adjustments to your estate plan whenever you feel that’s the right thing to do. This could happen when there have been major changes or events in your personal life or business. If you’re about to retire, change jobs, buy a new home, marry, divorce or have a child, it’s a good idea to review and revise your estate plan.